Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Face in the Mirror

Whose is the face in the mirror?

Behind that face, there is only 'now'
And 'now' is the faceless face of a million aeons...
The timeless 'you' beyond all seasons.

Colliding with the universe
We are cast out from infinity
Mind creates a circle of illusion.

But we are Blessed.
Our Source is ever Pure and Free
Even though we are Bound by the thrill of 
Being and Becoming.

May we swiftly
Merge into the Vast Expanse
Once and for All...

Lyse Lauren

We have such a strong habit of accepting that things are as they appear to be and yet our true purpose in life is to uncover how things really are, beyond appearances. The only way to really do that is to take a long, hard look at ourselves. Not at the image, as it appears in the mirror, but at what is perceiving the image as itself.

This journey begins and ends with our recognition of awareness.
We have an innate propensity to be mesmerised by the image in the mirror. We fail to notice what it is that is doing the noticing...

It is an interesting and extremely common dilemma and yet most people do not realise that it is the very cause of their failure to embrace the natural 'happiness' to which all are entitled by virtue of just 'being.'

The mirror is a great little tool in helping us to perceive what is already present and yet beyond recognition, yet we seldom fail to use it for that purpose. We can see our 'face' in the mirror and we take it for granted that we are connected, in some mysterious way, with that 'face.' Yet, once we are no longer gazing into the glass, the 'face' disappears and we simply believe that we continue to exist in that form.

The mind and senses trick us and snatch our attention away from the present moment. They distract and bind us inside an enchanted circle. Yet we can unravel this web of delusion. It is within the power of each and every one of us because what is true is direct and near and utterly fundamental. Perhaps it is too near and too direct...

Our attention is almost always in a state of movement and flux and because it is so colourful and vacillating our attention gets caught up and fixated on these shifting appearances. 

Behind that face
there is only 'now'
the faceless face of a million aeons.
The timeless 'you' beyond every season.

A million 'faces' have come and gone but the essential current of our existence, that which is perceiving them all, is stable and un-shifting. It has been our constant companion; un-shakable and consistent.

This is not a matter for debate because we can and should verify it for ourselves right here and right now. In fact, our happiness depends upon us doing just this. Unless we stop and take the time to investigate the mystery of our existence we remain like the two fish who swim around in the ocean debating the existence of 'water.' Or like the beggar with the golden begging bowl. We have to break this cycle of delusion.

There is a popular story about a group of employees who worked for a large company. One morning when they reached their offices they were greeted by a small notice on the door that led into their workspaces. It read; ' Yesterday, the person who has been hindering your growth in the company, passed away.' It went on to invite all the employees to a funeral service which would be held on the premises later that day.

Naturally, this event caused much discussion between the people in the offices and the whole day there was the buzz and anticipation of the impending 'service.' There was much speculation as to the identity of this deceased person. No one seemed to know who it was and this deepened the general excitement and enhanced the sense of curiosity.

Later that evening there was a large gathering at the venue which had been designated for the 'service.' The room was humming with the mutterings of its eagerly waiting attendees.

A coffin could be seen near the farthest wall, large and beautiful bouquets of flowers had been placed near and around it, incense had been lit, there was soft and pleasant music in the background and the lights in the room had been dimmed. A single candle had been placed near the casket and cast a warm glow over the solitary coffin.

A small barrier had been erected so one ventured near.
In due course, the proceedings began. There was a muted speech or two and then one by one all were invited to approach and pay their final respects.

Each person present had one thought in their minds. 'Who is this guy who has been hindering my progress?' As each one approached the coffin and looked inside they were confronted by a mirror.
Silence reigned as they moved on one by one, each had been thrown into a cavern of reflection. 

A sign had been placed inside the coffin and near the end of it were the words;  'Your life changes when YOU change, when you go beyond your limiting beliefs when you realize that you are the only one responsible for your life. “The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself”.


One can well imagine what kind of impact something like this could potentially have on all those present.

We might take this story even further by inviting ourselves to look beyond the image in the mirror to what it is that is perceiving that image...

Why is it that we fail to notice that..?

Lead me from darkness to light
From death to immortality
From the unreal to the real.

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