Monday 17 February 2014

Do We Need A Guru?

These days fake 'Gurus' by far outnumber genuine ones, so we can hardly feel surprised at the amount of cynicism that abounds with regards to this particular topic. However this should not discount the importance of and the need for, not only authentic and genuine 'Gurus,' but also sincere and deserving 'Disciples.' Both are certainly out there, but many are not able to discern the difference between the 'pretenders' and the 'genuine' thing...

Thursday 6 February 2014

Don't Miss the Sunrise

We think we are immersed in 'life' but how much of it REALLY touches us. How much of it truly engages our heart, how much do we really feel?

We may actually get up early enough to watch a sunrise, but do we really see it? Are we fully alert to the freshness of this present moment or is the mind wandering somewhere in a past memory or a future hope or desire?

Are not most of us just like the subjects in Leunig's cartoon? The sun is rising, all we need to do is walk to the window and turn our gaze to the east, but instead, we switch on T.V. We watch the sun rising through the veil of endless chatter in the closet of our mind and it doesn't touch us at all. All those thoughts, hopes, fears and desires block out the healing rays of life and cut us off from the inner fount of our true selves.

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