Sunday, 24 July 2016

No Place to Go

Sydney Park by L Lauren

There is a favoured place. 
A place to sit and breathe and simply be...
It is set apart on a small hill and overlooks a large swathe of the surrounding area.
 It takes in the expanse of sky and space around.

 In this place, it is easy to remember that we are not what is happening to us.

 We are beyond all happenings, all doings, all comings, and goings.

We need to be reminded of this again and again because the 'world' pulls us out of our centre again and again.

Yet this world is as fleeting as the time that birds that come together on a branch.

For just one moment they are there and then they are gone without leaving
 a trace.

Like the passing clouds and moods of the sky above
we can lose ourselves in the ceaseless tumult and rush of this world.

But our inmost being can never lose us.

Constantly it is tapping away at our awareness,
 beckoning us to remember,
 summoning us tirelessly to
 look within.

We always tend to think that we have somewhere to go, 
something to do, someone to visit, something to say.

Yet the truth of our being is constantly trying to remind us that we are
complete, whole, and undivided.

No place to go. 
We are always just where we need to be.