Tuesday 14 June 2016

Blade of Finest Steel

Iron Ore may think itself senselessly tortured in the furnace
but when the blade of finest steel emerges, it knows better...

If we could see our future; if we could know how things will turn out and
if we could comprehend the greater and wider picture, we might move
through this life very differently. Then again, we might not.

How much of what happens is actually up to us?

We like to believe that we are the master of our own little ship.
That we are standing at the helm, making all the decisions and that we are in control. The whole setup looks and feels so convincing. There we are on the bridge clutching the wheel while all around us is the wide and open sea. Despite the size and the seasons of this vast ocean space, we feel that we are indeed steering our own independent course.

Yet, is this really true?
And how can we know if it is or not?

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