Sunday, 26 April 2015

Is Unconditional Love Really Possible?


It seems appropriate to say a few words here prior to launching into this post. I had actually put this article together before I left Arunachala but had not had time to edit it as I was preparing for the journey up to Darjeeling in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Therefore I finally got to finish it just a few days ago, in fact just one day after the massive quake in Nepal, which incidentally, we felt very strongly here as well.

What has struck me very deeply and movingly in the interim, is the outpouring of spontaneous love and support that has been flowing towards Nepal and all those caught up in this unfolding tragedy...

We may at times question our ability to feel and be moved by the pain of others, particularly of those whom we have never met or known, yet in this instance, as in many others around the world, we have direct proof of our inner sense of interconnection with others.

This inner sense is not 'sentimental' it is utterly 'fundamental...'

We are inclined to think that unconditional love is something rather idealistic and unattainable and yet it is more a part of our lives than we might previously have noticed. Not only is it part of our lives, but the fact is also that, without it, we could not exist!

True and unconditional love arises from such a pure place within us that it cannot be contrived and is in no way intellectual. We cannot control it, it just flows from the inexhaustible source of 'being' itself. 

Yet, isn't it true that we can often feel quite disconnected from this?

The love of a parent for its child is one expression of 'unconditional love' and this is something we can witness easily all around us and on a daily basis, whether human or otherwise. Unconditional love is not an unrealistic form of love that one might only read about occasionally in a fiction novel, it is the very fabric and weave upon which life plays itself out.

We have been led to believe that a 'pure love' such as the unconditional kind is something that only a few lofty or heroic souls may ever come to know, and yet it is not at all unattainable or even uncommon. Our lives are filled with expressions of unconditional love, in all shades and in all varieties. 

The squalor of hatred, indifference and all the accoutrements of our so-called 'modern' societies are pre-eminently brought to our notice day in and day out with an almost obsessive repetition and yet life is also filled with spontaneous expressions of love and generosity and we don't have to look far to find them!

I remember coming across a chapter in a book, years ago. The book 'White Sail' was written by Tinley Norbu Rinpoche, an extraordinary Tibetan Lama/Teacher/Writer, who has since passed on.

In this book, he has written a chapter called 'Love and Faith.' I had not come across anything quite like it anywhere else, at least not at the time that I first read those wise words.

He did not admonish us to 'love one another unconditionally' from a moralistic standpoint, he simply took a long and hard look at the nuts and bolts of what we know or 'think' we know about 'love.' At the time and still, now I find his clarity very relevant and inspiring.

Within various religious institutions; the phrase 'unconditional love' rolls easily off the tongue, but much more challenging is our capacity to actually find this kind of love within our own hearts and to spread some of it about in our world.

To simply admonish us to 'love unconditionally' is a call to action that for most of us is unrealistic. We all struggle to some degree or another with our various likes and dislikes. Nevertheless, we are also all 'plugged in' as it were to this inexhaustible source, simply by virtue of the fact that we even exist at all. 

When we look around us and within us, we can begin to notice the spontaneous moments of joy and outreaching that can come our way, almost imperceptibly throughout the day. This broadening of our understanding of 'love,' is extremely important. Even something seemingly unrelated or trivial can be a doorway into greater understanding and our re-connection with this inner source. This can be triggered by something as simple as the glint of sunlight through leaves. If we allow such a moment to touch our souls, it awakens within us the stirring of our inner heart, and this is the smoke that can precede a fire if we are prepared to fan it.

Indeed true love is not something rare, we are surrounded by expressions of it and we ourselves can easily create moments in which this spontaneous flowering can arise.

True and unconditional love' is the very essence of 'who and what we really are.' It lies at the very heart of existence, radiating outwardly as the profound interconnection that binds all expressions of life.

Breaking everything down into the simplest and most uncomplicated universal energy, love brings us directly into the presence of what lies right at the very heart of being.  

 It is not something that can ever be contrived or in any way fabricated, as Pooh so rightly pointed out to Piglet.

Our modern world so highly regards its material values, the individualism and competition which those values often generate. Yet such values divide and isolate instead of unifying and nourishing, and they tend to encourage a growing sense of imbalance and disharmony.

As the Dalai Lama so rightly and succinctly pointed out, 'love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.'

Unconditional love flows most naturally, so let it, it will transform you and the world...