Monday, 21 April 2014

Ordinary Happiness

Ordinary happiness is an experience that is so close to each of us that we barely even notice it. Yet here we are, with this supreme opportunity to become 'aware' of what it is that is 'aware' in this present moment!

It has been said often enough, in 'spiritual' circles, that we create our own happiness or misery. As creatures of habit, locked into our 'perceptions' of 'reality', we can coast through an entire lifetime without ever stopping to question the premise upon which those 'perceptions' are based. If questioning does in fact arise, it is usually the direct result of some crisis; some confrontation with change and its associated loss or gain...

Yet, the bulk of our lives pass by in a sort of unremarkable, unmemorable procession of 'normal' day to day life 'happenings.'  Think of all the seconds, hours, days, weeks, months and years of our lives that slip by virtually unnoticed. These are the unmarked moments of 'ordinary happiness' and they make up the bulk of our lives.

We all know the little shocks we get from time to time when we suddenly realize that a week or month or year has just passed by. Where did the time go? We may not have any particularly striking memory of great happiness, bliss or pleasure, but there has been that ceaseless, stealthy passage of time which exposes no great events, but adds up all the little day to day perceptions, which are in fact, the sum total of our lives...

These are the simple associations and occurrences that we are so familiar with that we no longer even notice them. For instance, that first moment upon waking, before we remember 'who we are.' The first cup of tea or coffee in the morning or anything at all that gives a sense of continuity within the whole procession of little routines that make up the memories of our lives.

Ordinary happiness is usually only noticed if it is suddenly taken away by an unforeseen event. When this happens, we are given the chance to glimpse something more. If we were to notice that the ordinary moments of happiness are also permeated with who and what we REALLY  are, we might, inadvertently, tap into the greatest mystery of life.

It is precisely because our 'awareness' is so 'ordinary' that we can so easily over look its existence altogether.

Yet, where would 'we' be without it...?

The most profound mysteries of our existence are part and parcel of every ordinary moment of happiness...

Stop now, for just a little while and in the silence of your own heart begin to notice the immeasurable but unnoticed treasure that is always with you...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Going With the Flowing

Barron Falls
Thunder Down Under
The Barron Falls 

It's not always moving at this level of intensity, but isn't it true that at times life can be pretty damn full on!

When the flow is just too massive, we need to let go. Why resist the tumble, why resist whatever is happening? I guess 'resistance' is in our bones and our innate fear of change is instinctive...