Sunday, 8 May 2016

Letting Go and Letting Be

If we are always in a rush we will never be able to take the time to notice what is happening to us 'now.'

When we take a moment to in our day to just 'let go and let be' we swiftly realign ourselves with the effortless, lucid and spacious awareness which is our true nature...

In the rush and bustle of just getting through our daily routines, we completely miss what is right in front of us; right under our noses!

Because we fail to notice this spacious 'present moment' we get constantly propelled along by the unending drama of whatever is happening around us at any given time. 

The whole universe is filled with the 'beingness' of our existence, it is unspeakably dynamic and always available. It is the one 'constant;' the only thing that we can ever really, truly count on in this world.

It is our 'best friend' in the truest sense of the word.
No one can take it from us and no one can give it to us. We have only to acknowledge it within ourselves.

When we acknowledge the existence of what actually 'is' we do ourselves the greatest possible kindness.

Herein is the key to happiness, peace and joy. 

Why waste another day, or another moment, being caught up with what is unimportant? Our work has a way of taking care of itself. When we do not invest all of our interest in it, but just do whatever we need to do properly and well, without expectation of gain or loss, we release ourselves from the slavery of constant 'business,' infused with the anxiety associated with hope and fear. 

The body can be 'active' but when there is no attachment to an outcome we are released into great and spacious freedom of living in the present moment, without expectations and without investment in our 'doings.'

Of course, this is a radical shift in the focus of our awareness and yet it is within
the reach of each and every one of us.

I am just here to beat the 'drum,' which is a constant reminder of how things
actually are...