Sunday 6 April 2014

Going With the Flowing

Barron Falls
Thunder Down Under
The Barron Falls 

It's not always moving at this level of intensity, but isn't it true that at times life can be pretty damn full on!

When the flow is just too massive, we need to let go. Why resist the tumble, why resist whatever is happening? I guess 'resistance' is in our bones and our innate fear of change is instinctive...

If we can control an outcome, well and good, but if not, then the smart thing to do
is let go, let the current carry us rather than cling to our little-preconceived notions, trying to resist whatever is inevitable.

Once we make our mind's up that we are in the madhouse in any case, its easier to distance our selves with what appears to be 'happening' to us and get in touch with the part of ourselves in which everything is 'happening' and yet nothing moves.

If that sounds cryptic, in reality, it's not...

Who what we really are, transcends the fury, the foam and the frenzy of 'life.'
If we know that we are not what is 'happening' to us. That what is 'real' in us is in no way affected by the flotsam of an endlessly distracted mind or it's insatiable succession of needs and desires, then, and only then, do we get the chance to find our way to true inner freedom.

Wouldn't that knowing change everything about the way we perceive the world?

If we turn the tables on 'logic' and 'appearances,' we can say that the 'world is happening in us,' and not the other way around.
This kind of perspective is immensely liberating.
Everything we thought we ever 'knew' about the world is turned upside down and on its head!

We are certainly in this world, but it is this world that lives within us and which is given birth through us.

If we did not 'exist' where would the 'world' be?

Understanding that statement is far more simple than one might at first assume. It is a little golden key that can unlock a doorway in our mind. When we unlock a 'doorway,' open it and allow what 'is' in us to truly recognize itself as that, we can begin to know that what we are, in actuality, is far more than we ever imagined, something far grander than what the mind is capable of conceiving.

Yet we tend to cling onto our puny little notions of who and what we think we are without ever questioning anything.

Question everything, and be fully prepared to glimpse what is right there with us all the time. To do that we need to be still.

Inner stillness is our very nature. In the midst of the fury of life and our endless cycling up and down and through the waves of fear and hope, we should know that
we are none of it. That it all goes on because of who and what we really are...

The mind will not grasp this truth easily, but the heart will know.
If we let it...

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