Thursday, 6 February 2014

Don't Miss the Sunrise

We think we are immersed in 'life' but how much of it REALLY touches us. How much of it truly engages our heart, how much do we really feel?

We may actually get up early enough to watch a sunrise, but do we really see it? Are we fully alert to the freshness of this present moment or is the mind wandering somewhere in a past memory or a future hope or desire?

Are not most of us just like the subjects in Leunig's cartoon? The sun is rising, all we need to do is walk to the window and turn our gaze to the east, but instead, we switch on T.V. We watch the sun rising through the veil of endless chatter in the closet of our mind and it doesn't touch us at all. All those thoughts, hopes, fears and desires block out the healing rays of life and cut us off from the inner fount of our true selves.

The rays of the sun cannot touch our hearts, even if they can warm our bodies. Unless we live with our attention in the present moment, those 'rays' cannot give us their vital inner refreshment; the radiance of which is spontaneous joy. Yet, the sun's rays shine on all and are freely available throughout the day.

The simplest thing in life is free and present all of the time.

This is a statement of great profundity. I pray that this is your lucky day, that this is the moment when you will look up and see the sun as it really is and let it's healing rays shine right into your heart.

The sun is a metaphor for the inner spiritual awareness from which we all live, move and have our being. It is the 'paper' upon which the story of our life is written out. Normally we look only at the print on the page and not the page itself.

Lets us turn our attention to what is most important in this life...

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