Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Surrendering to Life

Allowing ourselves the freedom to surrender into the present moment is a profound and joyful 'letting go.'

Only our fears, expectations and preconceptions hold us back from realizing the true potential of what is right here and right now!

We have so many preconceived 'agendas' as to what we think should be; as to how things should work out and yet 'life' hardly ever happens just as we would like.

Most often the things we want we do not get and the things that we don't want come uninvited and all the while the unwelcome shadows of impermanence and disappointment are ever trailing us, so that when we actually do get something we want, we must be alert, for it can be snatched away from us at any moment.

When we carry preconceptions in our mind and heart we can never hope to find real happiness or peace in this world because the reality of what is unfolding moment to moment is almost never what we expect.

There fore, life ends up being one long disappointment.

Drop the agendas; let go of expectations; free the heart from hope and fear and what do we have?

Moment to moment choice-less awareness of what 'is.'

It may not be a 'tropical island' but it is the ever present abiding essence and its inmost nature is spontaneous 'joy.' That 'joy' is within the grasp of each 'conscious,' living being.

In the graphic and highly relevant words of Chogyam Trungpa;

"We can hold back, not really surrendering because we feel that we are very genteel, sophisticated and dignified people.

"Surely we can't give ourselves to this dirty, ordinary 'street-scene' of reality.

"We have the feeling that every step of the path we tread should be a lotus petal and we develop a logic that interprets whatever happens to us accordingly.

"If we fall, we create a soft landing which prevents sudden shock. 

"Surrendering does not involve preparing a soft landing, it means just landing on hard, ordinary ground, on rocky, wild country-side.

"Once we open ourselves then we land on what is."


And 'what is' is always waiting for us to notice it! 

From moment to moment, day to day, week to week and year to year; the 'awareness' that fuels the entire 'drama' of life; be it pretty, be it harsh, be it stressful, or satisfying, that 'awareness' awaits the moment of our 'recognition.'

So open the doors to your mind and heart and take that leap of 'surrender' into the present moment of whatever arises...

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