Sunday 14 December 2014

Don't Forget to Look Up

Being distracted and preoccupied seems to be the norm in modern, high-tech societies and what a high price we have to pay for it!

Gone, our peace of mind, gone, our sense of ease, our health our happiness and in return for what? All the things that make life worth living fly out the window the more we fill ourselves with the values and business of a life that bases itself around the value of dollars and cents.

Yet, right above our heads is this incredible window into infinity. Many times i have looked up into the sky and felt an immediate shift. The sky is like a window which can convey the mind into a space where unimaginable mysteries exist. If anything can bring us into a state of instant perspective it is the 'sky view.'

However, despite this amazing 'view' which is free and readily available, it is easily and often overlooked and forgotten.

Whatever we may feel about modern societies and the values that rule most of this world, the majority of us have to find a way to live consciously in the midst of them. For all sorts of reasons we may not have the option of following a life course that we truly believe in so we are faced with a situation in which we need to find a way to live out the life which is in us with integrity and meaning, however and where ever we may find ourselves.

However, doing this need not be as daunting as it may at first appear. It is all about re setting our priorities, about asking ourselves the pertinent questions.
One can ask these questions with the mind but no amount of logical thinking will bring about a satisfactory answer. These questions need to penetrate much much deeper to a place of silence which is beyond the mind. What is amazing is that we do not need to change anything about our outer circumstances or even ourselves to achieve a profound inner knowledge of who and what we really are!

When we know who and what we really are we tap into the source of everything and come into a place of completeness and peace. Many modern Gurus would have you believe that you need to follow their prescription for peace and happiness. Causes and creeds are numerous and confusing. Thank goodness we can avoid all of that and just go right to the heart of the matter.

We may know millions things but at the end of the day, only one is important, only one thing will bring us the peace and happiness we seek.

To find out who and what we really are is not a journey of the mind but of the heart. It is about 'listening' 'looking' 'seeing' and above all
else it is essential to understand that it is unspeakably simple and nearer to us than anything else can possibly be.

If we can get into the habit of using what is right above our heads as a means for helping us to regain our balance and perspective in the midst of noise and chaos, then we allow ourselves to tap into something tremendously powerful, readily available and free.

Take the hint and look up and allow the view to help you look within...

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