Saturday 28 January 2012

Seeing Through the Projections

Have you ever stopped to notice how many times you are bombarded, in a single day, with other peoples images of what they think you are, or should be? Our own projections on the world around us and the people in it are often equally off the mark.  It can be very revealing if one really takes the time to notice. 

Most of what goes on in our world, is geared to promote some kind of fantasy, some kind of unrealistic image of who and what we think we should/could be. We desperately need to take a look at all of this, to ask ourselves, is this true?

We need to step back, so that we can get a perspective, so that we can see through the 'projections'. Because, basically most of it is precisely that, projection! 
These projections are like reflections in a mirror, they are not the real me, nor are they the real you.

Take for example, some of the most 'powerful people' in the world today; the politicians, movie stars, artists, sports people, all those 'famous figures' who seem to have everything. Do any of them know who they really are?

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