Friday 20 January 2012

Just As You Are

Recognizing one's inner peace and happiness
 need not involve any discomfort or effort at all.

Sunset from an old temple in South India
Adi Annamalai

Does a fish know that the water in which it is swimming is the reason it can exist?  It lives out the entire little drama of it's life quite unaware of this fact.  In the same way, we live, move and have our being within 'awareness' and yet never acknowledge it or are even aware of our dependence upon it for our very existence.  

If there is a purpose in life, it must surely be to find out who and what we really are.

The mind is supreme in complicating what is most simple and in this way deflects attention away from it's source.  If we carefully and methodically investigate the nature of our thoughts; the nature of our minds, we can very soon understand that these thoughts have no basis; that there is no mind.

It is not enough to merely to hear this, one has to make an investigation with intention and focus. 

For aeons we have let mind rule our existence and it has run us a riot! The ocean of samsara is vast and it can enslave us within its fascination for countless aeons. Anything that the mind is capable of imagining is possible, because in samsara the mind is king and creates its own 'reality.'

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