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Statue of the protector of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India
Chohan Lama

Who ever you may be. Where ever you may live. Whatever religion you may practice. However old or young, rich or poor you may be. However smart or simple. Whatever you may do, where ever you may go. 
What you really 'are' is 
Ever Here Now
Not knowing this, is to live the dream of this life believing that it is real. But to know 'Who You Are' is to possess the golden key that unlocks the door to true liberation...

Lets face it, life is an uncertain business.

Its starts without 'our' permission, and usually it also ends that way...

Everything, in between, seems to be geared towards engaging our time, energy and attention with stuff that, when you really take a long, hard look at it, doesn't amount to very much.

During our precious, finite lives we seem mostly to be engulfed by a multitude of emotional concerns and mental worries.  These fill our days and often come back to plague our nights, leaving us with a sense of anxiety, frustration, helplessness and confusion in the face of events that,, at times we seem to have almost no control over.

This preoccupation with the concerns of day to day life can leave us feeling rushed and harried. There is a feeling of time speeding up. Of everything accelerating.

Yet the key to solving all of our problems is right here with us.


It is as much with us, 'now,' as the eyelashes that shade the eyes through which we gaze out at this world, and yet, when do we notice them..?

Finding out WHO and WHAT we are,  is the whole purpose and reason for our existence.

Each and everyone of us knows that we EXIST.


And this feeling of aliveness is with us every moment of our lives whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.  Without it we are merely corpses.

From the merest worm to the wealthiest rock star, from kings to beggars, ants to elephants.

Each IS because AWARENESS IS

And yet this profoundest of truths can only impact our lives if we are prepared to stop and question and look.

What is most precious we completely and utterly ignore!

It is time to take stock of this situation, we owe it to ourselves.

I invite you to take a little time to share with me glimpses into that part of our being that is all too often overlooked.  If we knew what a treasure we hold right here in our own hands, it would quite simply blow our minds!

This blog is not about trying to solve day to day problems. There are masses of journals, magazines, books, talk back radio and TV programs, seminars etc, that can handle and adequately deal with all of that.

What i want to share with you here, are moments that hold the opportunity to provide glimpses beyond our every day preoccupations. Moments that hold the potential to crack open the shell of indifference and distraction that enfolds us.

Have you ever suddenly stopped to look at a landscape, or a cloud or some image of unexpected beauty, and it just took your breath away?

In that moment, our mind stops and we glimpse WHAT IS.

We can never predict these moments or force them to happen, but we can create opportunities in which it is easier for them to take place and this is my aspiration in sharing some memories, some stories, some insights with you.

Even if just one heart is opened for one moment, to the immensity of what ACTUALLY IS,  then the purpose of sharing here will have been fulfilled.


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  1. What a wonderful invitation. I am literally all in.


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