Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Wind in Your Hair

When I was growing up in New Zealand there was a motorcycle advertisement that used to be played a lot on the radio. It was before the days of compulsory helmets for motorbikes and bicycles. I can still remember the tune so clearly and the feeling which it used to evoke.

and if you don't know what its like to take a (cycle) someplace,
in your own time, with the wind in your face,
it's a great shame...

One of my unalloyed joys while living in India is that one still has a choice as to whether one wears the headgear or not, at least this is very much the case in the small temple town where I currently live. 

Most of us here, choose to ride un-helmeted.

Laws do in fact state that helmets are 'compulsory' but when I step out onto the street I am lucky if I count the helmets I see on one hand!

This is India after all. One seldom rides above 40 ks an hour on a good run and hey, my wheels are powered by a whole 50 ccs!

We all have certain things that just instantly make us  'happy.' Simple and innocent joys are the evanescence of our lives.

Why shouldn't we give ourselves a buzz from the little things which are still free and accessible, as long as they harm no one else? They keep the blood pulsing through our veins and a lightness in our heart and step.

Why leave life to 'happen' until it is all a bit too late?

Do you know what its like to feel 
the wind in your hair as you glide between avenues of trees and pass by silent temples in the stillness of the predawn hours...?

The cool breeze will stroke your face as you pass down the leafy green aisle... 

The ancient whispering ones are like temple pillars,

 they will share this  magic moment with  you.

If you open your heart you will be able to fly. 

Its never too late...

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  1. It was before the times of mandatory caps for motorbikes and bikes. I can at present recollect the tune so obviously and the inclination which it used to bring out.


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