Sunday, 12 October 2014

Ahead of the Game

Does this remind you of someone...?

The mind creates all sorts of thoughts and often the
body has a tough time keeping up.
If we hang tenaciously onto every thought, allowing it to
proliferate into a multitude of new thoughts we soon find ourselves in the never-ending chambers of the mind.

There are no end to thoughts and the mind is capable of creating anything and everything.

Mind is an extraordinary 'tool' but it is not who and what we REALLY are.  This simple statement has amazingly important implications for each and every one of us.

If we are not the mind who are we REALLY?
What is mind? These questions are utterly fundamental and if we are prepared to dive into the unknown to recognize what we already know intimately but have never consciously acknowledged, we embark on the greatest adventure life can offer.

Don't let your mind run off into the infinite corridors of illusion, stay right where are, in the present moment. This very moment of awareness holds within it all the treasures.

It is not the mind and thinking that is the mystery.

Awareness is...

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