Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Power of Listening

What is it that connects us consciously to all life?


This is not something that we generally give much thought to, but it is crucial in all sorts of ways.

Listening is all about generosity.
The generosity that can enable us to let go of self clinging.
The generosity that can enable us to let be and allow the present moment to arise before our consciousness, just as it is...

The untapped and potential power inherent within the our capacity to just 'listen' is immense and usually completely unrecognized

Most of us traipse  through our days wrapped up within the prison of what ever is happening in our own minds. We are so self-concerned and distracted by the flow of  the endless unfolding little dramas that take place around us, that we seldom give ourselves the chance to breath in the refreshing air of just being; just listening...

This is what i term listening with the heart. It is an un-contrived, non-judgmental moment of letting be within  full awareness.

In our normal self-centered day to day lives we are completely unaware of the immensity that each of us holds within us because we are always distracted and
always fixated upon what we think and feel and all of the associated hopes and fears that tag along with this orientation.

If we begin to allow ourselves to be open to moments of letting go of self clinging, we can begin to listen with the heart.
We open a doorway within our own being that can give us a glimpse of what really is. 

The majesty and immensity of who and what we really are defies all description.

It can be welcomed and embraced only within the silent citadel of 

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