Sunday, 19 January 2014

Satsang, Gathering Together in Truth

What is Satsang?

According to the Wikipedia,  it means "In company of the highest truth."
Satsang first originated in India with the Rishis (Enlightened Beings).

It is a coming together, a gathering 'for truth.'

Being with the truth is another way of putting it. One should join such a gathering without 'agendas' or 'conditions,' save simple, clear openness, awareness and goodwill.

When we come together in 'truth' we are giving ourselves the opportunity to open our minds and our hearts; to 'listen' to the present moment.

With the right motivation, this can be a potent sort of gathering. When individuals come together as a group and relinquish their clinging to the 'known world,' and what they perceive as 'themselves' within that world, it creates an atmosphere which is very conducive to recognising 'truth.'

Our minds continually create the 'stories' within which we live, move and have our being; in Satsang, we give the mind a rest, a holiday, if you like. When the mind is not busy with contrivance and distraction, a space opens up which is completely natural and innately clear.

This is not a 'religious' gathering, but rather a deeply 'spiritual' one. Whichever religion one may happen to belong to is of no moment in such a meeting. Satsang is beyond religion. In the spirit of 'truth', we meet without divisions and pre-conceptions.

Coming together with an 'awakened teacher' and a gathering of sincere seekers who sit together in silence, or simply listen, who talk about and investigate their 'true nature' together, putting aside, for a while, notions of separation and individuality, notions of me and you, mine and yours.

Satsang is the way of the future. These types of gatherings are a lighthouse for those seeking what REALLY is. In Satsang one is not shackled by religious ideologies and pretensions. It creates a space in which people can really come together if they are prepared to let go of all the shackles and preconceptions that usually bind.

In simplicity and complete humility, we can come together and recognise our true, inmost nature. To do so we need to let go of the false and open our hearts. By doing this we release a tremendous reservoir of silent knowledge and power which is inextricably steeped in compassion.

Finding our way back home to what is and has always been the true core of our inmost nature, need not take aeon's, decades or even days, it can happen at any moment that we are prepared to surrender to what really is and has always been present.

I Am, just as You Are, Ever Here Now...

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