Thursday 10 October 2013

Happiness is an Inside Job

 If we finally come to realize that our happiness is not dependent upon other people; not dependent upon what they say or do or think, this is a very liberating moment.

Normally we move through our lives caught up somewhere between the hope of being liked and accepted or the fear of being disliked or rejected.

The grey scale of our moods and reactions between these two emotions is as vast as an ocean and we could easily spend our entire lives swimming around in this cauldron of uncertainty, swinging precariously from one mood to another, measuring our 'self-worth' by the ever shifting gauge of fleeting emotions, thoughts and expectations. Those of our own and those of 'others.'

Tapping into our inner resources, which are vast and unchanging, is the only way we can ever become free.

On the most fundamental level, we can say that 'we are one another,' just as we are also essentially part and parcel of everything, but these are just words until we 'empower' them with our inner experience and understanding.

It is one thing to know a truth and quite another to own it.

Volume Four in the series; Shades of Awareness

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