Monday 5 March 2012

The Simplest Things in Life

Considering how vital it is for our sense of well being and happiness, it is surprising how seldom we really open our hearts and connect with others. Somehow the conditions for it don't seem so accessible a lot of the time. We simply fail to realize that we can connect heart to heart with any one, on any level, at any time. The necessary tools for this are always available.

As i sat on the Hill of Arunachala this morning, looking out over the old temple with its four huge towers, an adolescent monkey climbed up onto the rock near me eager to know if i had some food with me.  The monkeys in this place can be very annoying and naughty. They never ask if they can take something away, they simply snatch it and run.  Normally when the little fellows are around i shoo them away with out hesitating. Today however, something stopped me.  Instead of immediately sending him away i had an urge to share something, so i reached into my bag and took out a handful of flat rice that i happened to be carrying with me. I put some on the rock for him and took a little for myself. Piece by piece he quietly worked his way through the pile and we sat together companionably.

As i continued to sit and gaze out over the town below, he looked at me for a moment and then climbed around to the other side and carefully pushed my bag away so that he could take a few more pieces of rice that had slipped onto the front of my dress, making sure that he hadn't missed a single piece. Satisfied that there were no more lying around, he wrapped his furry little hand around my small finger and sat there unusually quiet for one of his species.

Never Not Ever Here Now

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