Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Remembering that Life is Brief

Remembering that our bodies are but transitory temples in this world,

gives us the power to remember what and who we really are...

Death is near, much nearer than we ever usually think. But what is it in us that actually dies? It is not our true nature that dies, only the fragile body, our impermanent temple. 

We tend to live our lives as if they will continue forever, even though we know that every single person on the planet will face death sooner or later, including us.  Somehow our own death just does not register in our minds, as a reality.  It is something we hear about, happening somewhere else, to someone else.

Some might think that it is morbid to remember the fact of death. However, it can also be empowering. The remembering brings us nearer to recognizing what we really are.  

It gives our lives a perspective that is lacking when the mind is completely distracted by moment to moment happenings.  We have countless chances to understand this inevitable transition before it actually arrives, yet we seldom choose to take them.

Death is the critical moment when we are bound to face the fact that we are not the body; not what or who we think we are. But why wait until that moment when the realization can no longer be of benefit to us?

What is it that binds us with such a strong attachment to this body, this person? This is a question that only we can solve for ourselves, through our own personal investigations and experiences.

Only in this way can we begin to crack open the shell of misconception as to our 'identity'.

In day to day life, the force of our attention is scattered and diluted because it is being constantly drawn outwards by endless distractions.  If we gather this attention and focus it one-pointedly toward the question 'who am I?' mind soon finds that it is unable to proceed in thought.

The question, 'who am I'? takes one to the very edge of the mind, the edge of the known.  Beyond mind is what is and that is 'Being' itself.

To know this, one must be prepared to step beyond the confines of the mind, and face infinity. 

Say YES to the infinity that you really are. 

BE infinity

Isn't it ironic, that by remembering death, we can find the very thing that leads us to the realization of what it is in us that is deathless?

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