Thursday 18 August 2011

The Wonders of Life

Christ like Figure in the Clouds
Christlike figure in the Clouds

Back in the 1980,s i got a phone call from a friend who told me he had something very special to show me, and could he come by my place?.  I quickly consented to this and waited for him eagerly, wondering what on earth he could have to show me.
Soon afterwards he appeared and produced a copy of the above picture.  It seems that he had been given a copy by one of his music students and, at that time, the story was that the photo was taken from the window of an plane during an electrical storm.  There seem to have been numerous versions on this theme going about over the years.  However according to a write-in made at the link below, which you may like to read, the above photo was taken in someones back yard during a storm...

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  1. So many things in world... to wonder at... know about, enjoy and derive inspiration from...
    How could it matter what the image looks like (which religions 'figure'!) by stories of these kind? Isn't it just enough, to SEE our prayers answered???


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