Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Silent Power of a Mountain

Mount Kangchendzonga
 Sitting in the loft of my 'tin palace,' a small retreat hut which I built on the end of a ridge not far from Darjeeling, I could gaze out the window and see the top of a small Chorten which sat right in front of it. Beyond that, through a line a fluttering prayer flags strung out on long polls of bamboo and past the trees that clung to the edge of the cliff ridge there was nothing but space and the swirling mists which rose from the distant valleys far below. The huge and inspiring peaks of the Himalayas rose up just a few miles to the North, but there were no mountain views that day. Instead, monsoon mists billowed around the steamy valleys in between in an endlessly shifting dance.

There were moments when the clouds parted during the rainy months and when one was given a fleeting but unforgettable glimpse of the huge towering peaks of Kanchendzonga, freshly dusted and clothed in a thick and brilliantly white mantel.

Kanchendzonga is the world’s third highest mountain. It is an enormous eruption of black and grey granite that rises up in the far eastern portion of the Himalayan mountain chain.

The monsoon vistas are very special, there is no other time during the year when the play of light is quite the same. What can emerge between the billowing clouds for fleeting moments are luminous explosions of brilliant color and light. They appear as almost not of this earth.

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  1. These Mountains are truly like gods... It's what I feel, always. And the constant change, that is so palpable even in nature, is the most wondrous phenomena. And paradoxical almost ... that the very same fact and experience (about things changing) we fear most.


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