Monday, 6 May 2013

The Power of Simplicity

King Cobra

When Sri Ramana Maharshi was sitting on the hill of Arunachala in the South of India one day, a cobra passed by and, because the Maharshi was sitting right in its path, it slithered up onto his legs and over to the other side before passing on its way.

The Maharshi sat quietly and without showing the least concern or reaction he simply observed its passage. People who were present at that time were shocked and afraid, but the Maharshi showed no fear or even surprise. When they asked him how it felt he replied with the utmost simplicity, ‘cool and soft.’

It is widely known that cobras are among the most dangerous of snakes in the world and the people of India are only too acutely aware this. If such a thing would have happened to one of us, well, we can imagine our reaction, our fear, our dismay...

Such reactions seem natural and normal yet in actuality they are nothing more than instinctual and borne out of habit.

We routinely invest so much emotional energy into the way that we react to 'life' that we are not even aware that this kind of living drains such a huge amount of our energy, attention and time. It’s little wonder that the world is in such a confused state.
Things happen, so what?

In our world, things never cease to happen. Motion and change are an integral part of our reality.

But stop for a moment.

What would it be like to let the world 'happen' around us and yet remain quietly centred in our awareness of being? Not in a zombie-like way but as an intensely aware point of consciousness. How would that change our perspective on the things that happen in us and around us and to us every day of our lives?

Volume Four in the series Shades of Awareness

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