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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Return to Forever

When we reach the autumn's bend

Will we wish that we were young again

Laughing in the face of time

If only we knew now, what we did then

Clouds... billow cross the sky 

Changing as they fly 

Return to forever... 

Thus go the words in the song by Minnie Riperton.

When we reach the autumn's bend will we wish that we were young again?

Many people feel that their lives are filled with regrets and with the pangs of' if only and what if..?

Filled with broken promises and dreams lost.

Filled with the residue of stuff that is no longer important and perhaps never was...

Yet, each moment holds a new promise.

The promise of what is.

That elusive little something which costs us nothing,

which is always with us and from which absolutely everything arises.

How can we claim what is already ours?

This is the greatest of mysteries.

Unravelling it leads to recognising the simple and living promise that nothing and no one can ever take away.

But it can only happen when we let go of the endless strings of hope and fear and confront the challenge which appears before us as a complete and perfect paradox.

The simplest and nearest of all is also the most difficult to the see. This is the mystery, the only mystery...

Laughing in the face of time

If only we knew now, what we knew then...

In our younger years, it seems that there is less of 'stuff' to confuse and clutter our vision but in reality 'clarity' is always ours and for the taking.

And yet, how effortlessly we get caught. Like bees drowning in their own honey, we become submerged in the worlds that our mind creates.

Forgetful that we are mere flickering lights on the screen of life we become entangled in the unceasing display.

Clouds billowing across the sky, changing as they fly... 

In everything we find movement and change, this is how our lives unfold from moment to moment and day to day. This shifting force of change is something we have absolutely no control over.

We seem truly powerless in the face of change.

Yet our real power is always with us, unnoticed and ever-present. That power alone is beyond change and beyond time.

Forever; is in the palm of our hand.

It is right here and now...

New Years Resolution

Return to Forever...

Friday, 22 April 2016

A Disconnected Life

"It is no measure of health
to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
Jai Krishnamurti

If we had to come up with one word to describe the controlling forces in our
modern society that word would have to be 'fear.' It is at the root of all kinds of troubles which loom large in our current modern world.

We are not only fed a multitude of reasons as to why we need to be fearful but because we believe that what we think we know and what we perceive with our senses is true and real we become entangled. The whole spiral of delusory perceptions spins around relentlessly due to the momentum of those inherently faulty beliefs.

This is the merry go round of samsara and it can carry on turning indefinitely if we let it...

Thankfully though, we have a choice as to whether we buy into all of this or not.

We can 'pause' at any time and re-evaluate the whole strange situation which has quietly entwined us so tightly that we barely even noticed that we can no longer live freely anymore.

"Everybody dies but not everybody lives.
They walk amongst us.
Those that do not know that they do not know."

What does it take to wake up? 
A paradigm shift in our awareness of awareness...

This may sound difficult yet bringing it about is one of the simplest of things we can ever 'do.' In fact, it is not even about 'doing.'
It is simply about 'being,' about seeing what is already and always present and available to us.

It is a radical shift in our perception of perception itself!

It is about the innate 'freedom' which nothing and no one can ever take away from us.

A 'disconnected life' is a life lived without the awareness of our awareness.
We have within us the ultimate treasure and it is always with us patiently awaiting our recognition.