Meditation Retreats at Arunachala

Meditation Retreat at


The Sacred Hill of Fire!

Where we will take the time
 to look deeply into 
the Nature of Mind and 'Self'
 in order to experience
 the meaning 
and practice of 
True Meditation


 The Place

Sunset at Adi Annamalai
*We invite you to join a Meditation Retreat in a unique location. 

Arunachala, is a sacred mountain with a history that dates back many thousands of years. 

Tiruvannamalai is an old temple town nestled at its base. It is situated in Tamil Nadu in the South of India.

This is a place where countless Sages and Rishis, most notably Sri Ramana Maharshi, have lived and meditated in the past, achieving the pinnacle of experience and realisation.

The Plan 

*These retreats are tailored to meet the needs of those who are attending so that each person can get the most out of this unique opportunity.

*With so many 'meditation' techniques available, most people are not aware of the difference between a mind based meditation practice as opposed to one which is non- conceptual. To facilitate proper understanding, a qualified 'guide' with the support of a place of power can greatly enhance one's experience of 
'true meditation.'

* Together, we will delve deeply into the nature of mind using a method of ‘self -inquiry’ which is both simple, yet profound.

In the presence of Arunachala, a sincere 'seeker,' with the help of an authentic guide, can quickly and un-mistakenly achieve a first-hand experience of the true nature of Self/Being. 
Once this is achieved, the rest can begin to unfold quite naturally. However, this first step is crucial.

* During our retreats, there is ample opportunity to address any doubts or uncertainties that you may have as we work closely together with just a few other sincere people to make this time a real turning point in your life and in your understanding of the 'spiritual path

* We accompany you to various of our favourite 'power places' on and around the Hill.


The emphasis in our retreats is always on direct and deep inner experience as opposed to long disciplined sitting sessions, complicated techniques and a tiring round of visits to temples and caves. 

Ours will be a leisurely pace in which we actually have time to experience the power and grace of this amazing place directly and relax in the atmosphere of this extraordinary Hill...


All teaching and guidance with me is offered free of charge,
donations are appreciated.

Please note also that it is my wish to make the costs for the practical arrangements of these retreats as affordable and accessible as possible for those who are sincere, without compromising on comfort and enjoyment. 

Please use the contact form provided below or email us directly for more information and/or to register for an up and coming retreat at;

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